1. Delivery
1.1 All articles are delivered promptly if they are available in stock. The delivery will be made both within Germany as well as in EU-Countries.
1.2 The delivery time within Germany will be a maximum of 2-10 days (according to transit time), as long as not otherwise indicated in the offer.
1.3 For deliveries outside of Germany the delivery time will be a maximum of 10-30 (according to country and transit time) business days, if not indicated otherwise in the offer.
1.4 If an item would not be available for the short-term, we will notify you via email as to the expected delivery time, if we have an address for you.
In case of delivery delays such as for example force majeure, disruption of transportation, and order by higher authorities, as well as other events for which we are not responsible, no claims for compensation may be made against us.
2. Packaging and Shipping Costs
2.1 For deliveries within Germany we calculate the costs in each case for the courier service UPS according to the weight of the articles ordered. You find the current UPS tariffs by clicking here.
2.2 The same applies for foreign shipments.
2.3 Upon request we can also - for additional charges by the courier service - supply rush delivery.
2.4 For shipping and handling a proportionate fee of EUR 2,00 (net) = EUR 2,38 (gross)
3. Payment
3.1 Our prices apply "ex works" so far as no other agreement was made with the purchaser. The packaging costs are not included in the price.
The legal Value Added Tax is not included in our prices and will be specially calculated in the legally applicable amount on the date of billing.
Invoicing is done electronically via e-mail as a PDF document.
3.2 For deliveries within Germany the following methods of payment are possible:
  • by credit card
    The following credit cards are accepted:
    Visa, Mastercard, American Express
    (charges will be made upon shipping of the goods)
  • COD
    (the customer is obligated to pay the purchase price upon delivery of the goods.)
    COD-deliveries will be sent by us exclusively through UPS.
  • by payment in advance
    (The customer is obligated to pay the purchase price via electronic transfer to our account immediately upon conclusion of the sales contract).
    For payment in advance you will receive an email from us with the exact billing data. Therefore please be sure to include your email address and / or your telephone /fax number on the order form, so that we may contact you.
    When you make the transfer to our account please list your name and the invoice number in the note to payee, so that we can allocate receipt of your payment for the order.
  • by invoice
    Not available for new customers and initial orders
    (The customer is obligated to pay the invoiced amount within 30 days after receipt of the goods / invoice.)
3.3 For foreign shipments payment must be made in advance or COD.
3.4 Until payment is made in full, the delivered goods remain our property (reservation of property rights under 158, 449 of German Civil Code). If the deadline for payment is exceeded, we must charge reminder and processing fees.

4. Warranty

If shipping damages to the goods are discovered, the recipient must immediately file a claim of damage with the carrier (courier service). Other noticeable shipping damages must be notified to us within 3 days after receipt of the goods in writing.
We are not liable for defects, which arise due to improper handling, normal wear and tear or tampering. The claim for warranty is voided in case of repairs to the goods by the owner or by third parties who are made without our written consent.

5. Liability

5.1 The Onlineshop is liable in cases of intentional or gross negligence in accordance with legal regulations. The liability for guarantees is made without regard to fault. For the case of slight negligence the Onlineshop is liable exclusively according to the provisions of the product liability law, due to injury to life, body, or health or due to the violation of significant contractual duties. The claim for compensation for damages for slightly negligent violation of significant contractual duties is however limited to the contractually typical, foreseeable damages, so far as there is no liability for injury to life, body, or health. The Onlineshop is liable for the guilt of contractual employees and representatives to the same degree.
5.2 The regulation of the section above (8.1) extends to compensation for damages in addition to the provision of service, compensation for damages instead of provision of services and claim for damages due to ineffective expenditures, regardless of their legal basis, including the liability due to defects, default or impossibility.

6. Miscellaneous

We have no control over when items from our suppliers are removed from the program and are thus no longer available or have been changed in type or construction. If a replacement item is offered to us by the supplier, we will inform you of this. No claim for damages because of an item which is no longer deliverable may be made against us. We reserve the right to price changes of individual items.